Archer (TV Series)

Archer is an American animated sitcom airing on the FX network. The first season premeried on January 14, 2010, with a fourth season to begin airin on January of 2013.

Synopsis: (From the Offical FX Website and the Archer Wikia site.)Edit

Set in a unique universe at the International Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS), suave master spy Sterling Archer deals with global espionage, a domineering, hypersexual, late middle aged mother/boss Malory Archer, his agent ex-girlfriend Lana Kane, and a less-than-masculine code name—"Duchess." It was supposedly chosen at random by the agency's ISIS mainframe computer but in fact is the name of his mother's deceased dog, of which she has a disturbingly erotic photograph with herself similar to the Rolling Stone cover with John Lennon and Yoko Ono in bed. On the surface, Sterling Archer is a classy, devilishly-handsome spy reminiscent of James Bond. He is skilled in "improvised" combat and Krav Maga, as well as small firearms, Scuba diving and "Honey Pot" (blackmail through seduction).

Although he is sometimes capable of being charming and is highly regarded in the field, Archer is in fact destructively bitter and has a habit of charging outrageous expenses (such as prostitutes and $900 turtlenecks) to his ISIS account. His less appealing qualities include masked "mommy-issues," jealousy towards Lana's now ex-boyfriend and coworker Cyril, raw male-chauvinism, dehumanizing treatment of his elderly butler, and his frequent verbal assaults on everyone in his path. Everyone at ISIS allegedly hates him, however the office is repeatedly noted to be a "hostile work environment" anyway by coworkers as insults fly in every direction.

Ideal Japanese Seiyuu (Voice) Cast:Edit

Main CharactersEdit

Sterling Archer:     Banjo Ginga
Malory Archer:      Kikuko Inoue
Lana Kane:           Konomi Maeda
Cyril Figgis:          Hideyuki Tanaka
Cheryl/Carol Tunt: Aya Hirano
Pam Poovey:        Mariko Suzuki
Dr. Kreiger:           Jurota Kosugi
Ray Gillete:          Akira Ishida
Woodhouse:         Mugihito

Reoccuring CharactersEdit

Len Trexler:          Ryuzaburo Otomo
Barry Dylon:         Takahiro Sakurai
Nikolai Jakov:       Yuzuru Fujimoto
Virtual Girlfriend:   Maaya Sakamoto