Bomber B-Daman V also needs an english dub. It should be prouduce by Geneon (or Manga) and Viacom (the Nick company). Since None of the top anime company is going to claim it, This suggestion is most likey the winner. It should air on Nicktoons Network.

Cast SuggestionsEdit

  • Shirobon (White Bomber)-John Roberts
  • Aobon (Blue Bomber)-Jon Gaser
  • Kurobon (Black Bomber)-Dan Mintz
  • Akabon (Red Bomber)-Laura Bailey
  • Kiirobon (Yellow Bomber)-Larry Murphy
  • Midoribon (Green Bomber)-Travis Willingham
  • Graybon Hakase (Professor Gray Bomber)-Adam Reed
  • Mimitan-Dave Willis
  • Akumantle-Howard Kremer
  • Docdandy-Kate Higgins
  • Slinger-Paul F. Tomkins
  • Gestra-Patton Oswalt
  • King Vader-Charlies Adler


  • Travis Willingham and Laura Bailey are engage and both are the new voices of Knuckles the Echidna (Travis) and Blaze the Cat (Laura) in the new Sonic the Hedgehog games.
  • John Roberts and Dan Mintz voice the female characters of Linda (John) and Tina (Mintz) in Bob's Burgers