Despite a game with same name's failure, Bomberman Jetterz needs an english dub. It should be produced by Nelvana and Viacome. It should be claimed by the said companies and should air on Nicktoons Network. Since, no other company has any heart to make it an english.

Cast SuggestionsEdit

  • White Bomber-Dwayne Hill
  • Shout-Stacey Depass
  • Gangu-Scott McCord
  • Bongo-Jamie Watson
  • Birdy-Billy West
  • Mighty-Richard Yearwood
  • Dr. Ein-John Stocker
  • Virtual Bomber-Laurence Bynes
  • Louie/Mermaid Bomber-Denise Oliver
  • Pretty Bomber/Bombaasan/Momo-Rachel Wilson
  • Bagura/Silver Bomber/Bomber the Kid/Dark -Force Bomber-Jeff Bennett
  • Daibon-Robert Tinkler
  • Bomber Ninja-Mike Pollock
  • Mama/The Hige-Hige Bandits-Patrick McKenna
  • Bear Bomber/Flame Bomber/The Hige-Hige Bandits-David Berni
  • Dolphine Bomber-Martha MacIsaac
  • Bat Bomber/Grand Bomber-Johnathan Wilson
  • Thunder Bomber-Sean Cullen