Daily Life of High School Boys
Hey Guys, NI97 here with another english dub predictions after days of absence here, since the Master Conqueror OuroborosTheNewSaurian (the former founder of this wiki) prefers Action better for making Dub predicitions of any shows in his Wiki, I want to make in this old wiki unless is a shonen action anime he likes to be in Anima-Predictview Wiki. And since NIS America is being a dick with making english dubs, I bet Viz Media or Media Blasters should do the english dub for Daily Lives of Highschool Boys (Danshi Kokosei no Nichijou) a crazy Highschool comedy.


  • Tadakuni (CV: Miyu Irino [Japanese], Steve Staley [English, Predictions])
  • Hidenobu Tabata (CV: Tomokazu Sugita [Japanese], Wally Wingert [English, Predictions])
  • Yoshitake Tanaka (CV: Kenichi Suzumura [Japanese], Bryce Papenbrook [English, Predictions])