What do you get when "Gravity Falls" is a 1990's anime with a cast comprised of 3 women and a man? A small cast. Also, new hires will be arriving as the show progresses. Directed by Fernanda Figueiredo (Mabel) and Antonio Semedo (Soos and Stan).


Season 1 (original cast)Edit

  • Antonio Semedo as Stan and Soos and some males
  • Fernanda Figueiredo as Mabel and some extras
  • Isabel Wolmar as Dipper and some extras
  • Cristina Cavalinhos as Wendy and some extras

Season 2+ (new hires)Edit

  • Henrique Feist as Dipper
  • Cristina Cavalinhos as Mabel and Wendy
  • Ricardo Spinola as Soos
  • Antonio Semedo as Stan
  • Isabel Wolmar
  • Fernanda Figueiredo