Since July 2010, the official Anime Dub Predictions Wiki has been left alone of editing and creating new pages due to exhaustion from a number of articles. Also, the day would have a threat of having the Wiki being shut down on the first day of September if not getting any helpers. Confirmed on August 28, 2010, this was a false statement and that the ADP Wiki will continue on and be returning to do some dub predictions of anime. In fact, I have started planning to doing some re-dub predictions from previously-dubbed anime. On high notice, the Kuroshitsuji dub predictions will still be on hiatus until October with only other articles being worked on, currently. In a good look at it, we will begin having re-dub predictions from anime series Naruto, Pokemon, Soul Eater, and Bleach. Other new dubbing predictions will be in the works right after. Some anime dub predictions will be included, with the likes of Air Master, Kuroshitsuji II, and Inuyasha: The Final Act. Below, here is a comprehensive list of upcoming and current events happening near the end of the month:

Dub ListEdit

Re-Dubs (new event):Edit

  • Pokemon (all seasons) (Prediction on 8/28)
  • Bleach (Prediction on 8/28)
  • Soul Eater (Prediction on 8/28)
  • Naruto (Prediction on 9/3)


  • Kuroshitsuji II (Prediction on 9/4)
  • Air Master (Prediction on 9/6)
  • Katekyo Hitman Reborn!: Re-release dub prediction (9/16)

Japanese Dub Predictions:Edit

  • Total Drama Action (Prediction on 8/29)

Anime Ideas:Edit

  • Total Drama Sujira (japanese name: Sai no Oshima Sujira) (9/5)
  • Pokemon Evolution: Spirit Breaker (japanese name: Poketto Monsutta Shinka: Kami no Breaker) (9/5)