I dreamed that ViZ Media redubbed Gravity Falls in 2014 for Comedy Central. ViZ retains the elements that the original Japanese anime had, such as language, nudity, violence, gore. Around the same time, I didn't know that Panda Canal in Portugal localized South Park with voices from Dragon Ball and Sailor Moon.

Cast Edit

  • Antonio Semedo as Eric Cartman, Randy Marsh, Mr. Garrison, Ms. Choksondik, others
  • Henrique Feist as Stan Marsh, Mr. Mackey, Clyde, others
  • Cristina Cavalinhos as Kyle Broflovski, Ike, others
  • Isabel Wolmar as Kenny McCormick, Pip, Mrs. Broflovski, others
  • Fernanda Figueiredo as Ms. Cartman, Wendy, others
  • Olga Lima as Bebe, others
  • Cristina Paiva