If The Legend of Spyro video game Trilogy was dubbed in Latin Spanish (or Latin American Spanish or Neutral Spanish) and released, then it would mean that the series would have two different Spanish dialect dubs. There obviously does exist a European Spanish dub of the series that was produced by: GameLoc Localisation Services S.L., which was included in the Language options on all regional releases, when All three Legend of Spyro games were released.

If a Latin Spanish dub was known to be produced, then the Latin Spanish dub would be produced in Mexico by using an entirely Mexican-based voice cast and bundled on North American copies of console versions of The Legend of Spyro trilogy video games exclusively, which can also be released for the Latin American market. But for Europe and Australia on the other hand, would have gotten the European Spanish dub exclusively bundled in, which the European Spanish dub made in Spain, was included on all region releases, and since they both use the PAL format.

Strangely in fact, the "Skylanders" reboot franchise of the Spyro the Dragon series actually did receive a Latin American Spanish dub and translation bundled in for the North American release, while for the Europe release, they have their own European Spanish dub.

Title TranslationsEdit

The English and European Spanish titles have already been made, but it may be likely that the Latin Spanish translation would translate the titles differently from it's Europe release counterpart.

Original English Title European Spanish Title Predicted Latin Spanish Translation
The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning (2006) La Leyenda de Spyro: Un Nuevo Comienzo La leyenda de Spryo: Un Nueva Principio
The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night (2007) La Leyenda de Spyro: La Noche Eterna La Leyenda de Spyro: La Eternas Noche
The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon (2008) La Leyenda de Spyro: La Fuerza Del Dragón La Leyenda de Spyro: Alba De Los Dragon

Voice TalentEdit

This list features the real original English cast, along with the predicted Latin American Spanish dub cast for all three games of the entire trilogy, if it was included exclusively in the North American releases of the series, aside from the European Spanish dub. All major characters that appear on all three games are shown. The Spanish voices for the Latin American dialect would be recorded in Mexico.

Character (English Name) Character (Latin Spanish Name) Original English Voices Predicted Latin Spanish Voices
Spyro Elijah Wood Enzo Fortuny
Sparx David Spade (2006)
Billy West (2007)
Wayne Brady (2008)
Gerardo García
Ignitus Gary Oldman Salvador Delgado
Cynder Cree Summer (2006)
Mae Whitman (2007)
Christina Ricci (2008)
Marisol Romero
Flash Jeff Bennett Víctor Hugo Aguilar
Nina Vanessa Marshall Liliana Barba
Volteer Corey Burton Arturo Mercado
Cyril Jeff Bennett Víctor Hugo Aguilar
Terrador Kevin Michael Richardson Gerardo Reyero
Kane Phil LaMarr René García
Mole-Yair Jeff Bennett Víctor Hugo Aguilar
Exhumor Corey Burton Arturo Mercado
Chronicler Cronista Martin Jarvis Blas García
Hunter Blair Underwood Gerardo Vásquez
Meadow Fred Tatasciore Carlos Segundo
Hermit Ermitaño Kevin Michael Richardson Gerardo Reyero
Chief Prowlus Jefe Prowlus
Mason Corey Burton Arturo Mercado
Conductor Kevin Michael Richardson Gerardo Reyero
Scratch Jeff Bennett Víctor Hugo Aguilar
Sniff Kevin Michael Richardson Gerardo Reyero
Malefor Mark Hamill Jesús Barrero
Additional voices Voces adicionales Jeff Bennett
Corey Burton
Jess Harnell
Chris Borders
Andrea Toyias
Clinton Skene
Michael Graham
Víctor Hugo Aguilar
Arturo Mercado
Dafnis Fernández
Octavio Rojas

Predicted Latin Spanish Dub Staff Edit

  • Recording Region: Mexico
  • Predicted Recording Studios: Auditel and SDI Media de México
  • Localization Translators: To be Found.
  • Director: Octavio Rojas

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