If The Legend of Spyro video game Trilogy was marketed for the Brazilian Portuguese marketing in Brazil and dubbed in European Portuguese for the European Release, It would be handled by Álamo in Brazil at the São Paulo region, which is known for localizing foreign films, video games and animated series, and by On Air in Portugal, which they are known for recording voices for Portugal dubbed released video games.

The Legend of Spyro series was not released in South America (which includes Brazil), therefore it did not have a Brazil translation localization, nor voice-dubbed in Brazilian Portuguese.

But the series was obviously officially released in Europe, But it strangely did not have a Portugal translation localization nor a European Portuguese voice-dubbed version, as there are various video games that get translated into that language.

The series would be rated 10 anos (literally meaning 10 years in Brazilian Portuguese) for Brazil, by DEJUS.

The series is rated 7+ in all of Europe by the PEGI rating organization, but PEGI would have to change the rating to 6+ for Portugal in order to avoid confusion with Portugal's film classification system. While the exact reason of not having a European Portuguese translation for the European release is truly unknown, there's a good possibility that it may not have been able to get put into that language, most likely due to budget reasons since it's a high cost to make a translation of in-text and subtitles in another language and it's especially a very high cost to even make a voice dub of it as well. It may also be for a fact that there might not have been enough storage space to include such audio dub onto the trilogy discs.

The second reboot in the Spyro the Dragon franchise known as "Skylanders" has actually been officially localized and dubbed for both Brazil and Portugal along with having their additional Brazilian and European Portuguese dubs and translations as well, later on after the release of The Legend of Spyro trilogy.

Title TranslationsEdit

Original English Title Predicted Portuguese Translation (Brazil) Predicted Portuguese Translation (Portugal)
The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning (2006) A Lenda De Spyro: Um Novo Começo A Lenda de Spyro: O Começo Novo
The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night (2007) A Lenda De Spyro: A Noite Eterna A Lenda de Spyro: Noite Eterna
The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon (2008) A Lenda De Spyro: Aurora do Dragão A Lenda de Spyro: Alvorecer do Dragão

Voice TalentEdit

This list features the real original English cast and this also includes the predicted Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese dub cast for all three games of the entire trilogy, if it was released in the Brazilian Market and had a Portugal dub for the European Release. All major characters that appear on all three games are shown. The reason why two Portuguese dubs would have to be made, is due to different dialects and pronucations used between Brazil and Portugal.

Character Original English Voices Predicted Brazilian Portuguese Voice (Brazil) Predicted European Portuguese voice (Portugal)
Spyro Elijah Wood Vágner Fangundes Diogo Amaral
Sparx David Spade (2006)
Billy West (2007)
Wayne Brady (2008)
Alexandre Moreno Pedro Laginha
Ignitus Gary Oldman Mauro Ramos José Jorge Duarte
Cynder Cree Summer (2006)
Mae Whitman (2007)
Christina Ricci (2008)
Letícia Quinto Helena Montez
Flash Jeff Bennett Ricardo Juarez Carlos Freixo
Nina Vanessa Marshall Marli Bortoleto Fernanda Figueiredo
Volteer Corey Burton Márcio Simões José Wallenstein
Cyril Jeff Bennett Ricardo Juarez Carlos Freixo
Terrador Kevin Michael Richardson Sérgio Fortuna Carlos Macedo
Kane Phil LaMarr Tatá Guarnieri Luís Barros
Mole-Yair Jeff Bennett Ricardo Juarez Carlos Freixo
Exhumor Corey Burton Márcio Simões José Wallenstein
Chronicler Martin Jarvis Carlos Seidl Tiago Severino
Hunter Blair Underwood Marco Antônio Costa André Maia
Meadow Fred Tatasciore Paulo Vignolo Rómulo Fragoso
Hermit Kevin Michael Richardson Sérgio Fortuna Carlos Macedo
Chief Prowlus
Mason Corey Burton Márcio Simões José Wallenstein
Conductor Kevin Michael Richardson Sérgio Fortuna Carlos Macedo
Scratch Jeff Bennett Ricardo Juarez Carlos Freixo
Sniff Kevin Michael Richardson Sérgio Fortuna Carlos Macedo
Malefor Mark Hamill Mário Jorge Andrade António TC Cruz
Additional voices Jeff Bennett
Corey Burton
Jess Harnell
Chris Borders
Andrea Toyias
Clinton Skene
Michael Graham
Ricardo Juarez
Márcio Simões
Marcus Jardym
Marcelo Coutinho
Carlos Freixo
José Wallenstein
Edgar Fernandes
João Lagarto

Predicted Dub StaffEdit

Brazilian Portuguese VersionEdit

  • Predicted Recording Studio: Álamo (São Paulo)
  • Localization Translators: Carlos Campanile, Sônia Menna Barreto and Pavlos Euthymiou
  • Director: Pádua Moreira

European Portuguese VersionEdit

  • Predicted Recording Studio: On Air
  • Localization Translators: Adriano Luz, Ermelinda Duarte and Manuel Cavaco
  • Director: António Montez

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