If it was ever possible for The Legend of Spyro video game Trilogy to be localized and dubbed into the Romanian language and bundled up for the European release, Zone Studio Oradea along with Audio Design Digital Art would have most likely collaborate together to work on the Romanian localization, including the translations, subtitling and the dubbing of the characters.

The Legend of Spyro trilogy was obviously released in Europe, but no Romanian voice dub of the trilogy was considered to be made, as there aren't really that many videogames that receive Romanian localizations as most can be just played in the English language when it comes to European releases. But the big thing is that, no Spyro game in the series has ever gotten an official Romanian translation.

Title TranslationsEdit

Original English Title Predicted Romanian Translation
The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning (2006) Cei Legenda lui Spyro: Un Nou Început
The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night (2007) Cei Legenda lui Spyro: Cei Etern Noapte
The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon (2008) Cei Legenda lui Spyro: Zori De Cei Dragonul

Voice TalentEdit

This list features the real original English cast and this also includes the predicted Romanian dub cast for all three games of the entire trilogy, if it was included in the European release. All major characters that appear on all three games are shown.

Character (English Name) Character (Hungarian Name) Original English Voices Predicted Romanian Voices
Spyro Elijah Wood Florian Ghimpu
Sparx David Spade (2006)
Billy West (2007)
Wayne Brady (2008)
Marius Savescu
Ignitus Gary Oldman Claudiu Bleonț
Cynder Cree Summer (2006)
Mae Whitman (2007)
Christina Ricci (2008)
Laura Cosoi
Flash Jeff Bennett Richard Balint
Nina Vanessa Marshall Laura Creț
Volteer Corey Burton Eugen Cristea
Cyril Jeff Bennett Richard Balint
Terrador Kevin Michael Richardson Sandu Pop
Kane Phil LaMarr Petre Ghimbășan
Mole-Yair Jeff Bennett Richard Balint
Exhumor Corey Burton Eugen Cristea
Chronicler Cronicar Martin Jarvis George Mihăiță
Hunter Vanator Blair Underwood Doru Fârte
Meadow Luncă Fred Tatasciore Lucian Ifrim
Hermit Pustnic Kevin Michael Richardson Sandu Pop
Chief Prowlus Șef Prowlus
Mason Corey Burton Eugen Cristea
Conductor Însoţitor Kevin Michael Richardson Sandu Pop
Scratch Jeff Bennett Richard Balint
Sniff Kevin Michael Richardson Sandu Pop
Malefor Mark Hamill Marcel Iures
Additional voices Voci Adiționale Jeff Bennett
Corey Burton
Jess Harnell
Chris Borders
Andrea Toyias
Clinton Skene
Michael Graham
Richard Balint
Eugen Cristea
Florin Stan

Predicted dub StaffEdit

  • Predicted Recording studios: Zone Studio Oradea and Audio Design Digital Art
  • Localization Translators: Virginia Constantinescu
  • Directors: Ion Ruscuţ (Zone Studio), Cătălin Dordea (Audio Design Digital Art)

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