Total Drama Sujira (Original Japanese: Sai no Oshima Sujira! Ikuze!) is animanga series idea I have worked and planned on for quite a long time now! Most (not all) of the characters are borrowed from the American/Canadian series and turned into anime-like characters given japanese names and different personalities, which most character designs were done by Yoshiyuki Ito (Soul Eater), Shannon Mistry (one half of the original Total Drama), and Satoshi Isono (Omamori Himari). There is a manga adaptation illustrated by Takeshi Obata and authored by Jennifer Pertsch (creator for the original series). For more information, visit the official Total Drama Sujira wiki at for the fun and entertainment... Note that the show's main themes are compromised from demonology, the Underworld, and pretty bizzare imagery known for fans of such series like Bleach, Death Note, and Omamori Himari. Though all of this makes it a pretty decent idea to be an animanga series, it has too much amounts of nonsensical humor and apparently has a habit of "breaking the fourth wall".